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HVAC in Calgary

Canada HVAC is the one-stop shop for furnaces, air conditioners, and other HVAC products

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Buying an HVAC System in Calgary

Installing an HVAC system is high on your list when buying or building a new home. This is also the case if your current system needs replacing.

Canada HVAC in Calgary will help you choose the right HVAC system for your needs. We work with top brands to get you what you need. With the help of Canada HVAC’s experienced and reliable team, you’ll have complete control over the temperature in your home.

A good HVAC system is an investment; therefore, it is important to find one that is perfectly suited to your needs. An HVAC system that runs smoothly and efficiently will keep your family comfortable for years to come.

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Why choose Canada HVAC?

Our goal is to help Canadians save money, shop with peace of mind, and make informed choices on new heating and cooling systems.
Over 1 Million Canadians per year come to CanadaHVAC.com for help & guidance on upgrading their heating & cooling system!

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Have any questions? Contact us and let HVAC experts help you with picking the right solution for you.

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Why You Need an HVAC System

The reasons you should consider an HVAC system goes beyond its ability to add warmth or coolness to a room. Some popular reasons include:

To Improve Air Quality

Cleaner air is helpful for those who have asthma or other respiratory illnesses. HVAC products such as HEPA filters and Ultra Violet (UV) air cleaners purify the air so that you can breathe easier. They also limit mold caused by water leaks and eliminate viruses and other airborne contaminants.

To Replace Your Old HVAC System

Your air conditioner, furnace, heat pump, and other parts of your HVAC system will become outdated and worn out over time. As a result, they will run less efficiently and become less reliable.

Furthermore, old wiring can be hazardous and potentially lead to fires. Replacing your HVAC system will give you peace of mind and keep your family comfortable.

To Save Money

Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) is used to specify how much energy an air conditioner will use in a year. Our air conditioners have a high-efficiency cooling rating (SEER), our heat pumps have a high-efficiency heating rating (HSPF), and our furnaces have up to a 97% gas efficiency rating (AFUE).

Our HVAC Products

We offer heating and cooling products like heat pumps, furnaces, and air conditioners from trusted brands such as Direct Comfort and Goodman. Read on to find out which option is best for you.

Heat Pumps

If you’re looking for a single item to provide heating and cooling for your home, a heat pump may be right for you. When used for heating, heat pumps use the same refrigeration-type cycle found in air conditioners. Therefore, they are able to provide heating and cooling. We call them a Hybrid Air Conditioner. To cool a room, they reverse the flow of the refrigerant by expelling the heat outside. With heat pumps, you get two energy-efficient systems for the price of one.


Perhaps you’d prefer a system that provides more warmth than a heat pump. While heat pumps transfer heat, furnaces generate it, making them a good choice for those who prefer warm and toasty rooms for the cold days in the winter. Canada HVAC offers gas and electric furnaces, which are energy-efficient, safe (when installed properly by a licensed technician), and affordable.

Air Conditioners

Calgary is experiencing warmer summers every year. Air Conditioners keep your home and office cool by extracting the heat inside your home and pushing it outside. Then, they blow cool air back in while simultaneously removing humidity.

HVAC Installation

Are you interested in installation services? Canada HVAC partners with experienced HVAC technicians to provide proper installation. They will answer your questions during the installation and give you tips on maintaining your HVAC system.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! You’re able to pay off the balance at any time.

All our installers have had training and comprehensive testing to ensure high quality heating and cooling installation. In addition, all Canada HVAC installers have undergone extensive background checks and are fully insured.

What to Check Before Calling for Heating or Cooling Repair

Air Conditioner Furnace
Thermostat set to Cool, Fan set to Auto Thermostat set to Heat, Fan set to Auto
Air filter is clean Air filter is clean
Check the power: Circuit breaker Check the power: Circuit breaker and furnace wall switch
Ensure there is no ice buildup on the outdoor unit or frozen pipes Ensure pilot light it lit, fuel supply is on
Ensure panel door is closed and secured Ensure panel door is closed and secure

If you have checked the above settings or if there is a significant change in your heating or cooling system including: new smells or strange noises, schedule a service call right away.

Please contact Canada HVAC at  1-833-CAN-HVAC (226-4822)

Every installation is different and every project presents unique installation challenges, but we aim to have all installations completed in one day. Technicians will arrive at the prearranged agreed upon time and will keep you updated on the progress throughout the day.

We always recommend that homeowners are present during installation, but if that’s not possible, we require someone over the age of 18 to be home during installation.

All of our certified installers are trained professionals that have undergone extensive training and background checks.  However, if you are not satisfied with the installation, please contact Canada HVAC immediately.

We offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on all our installations. If you are not completely satisfied, we will remove the HVAC system and refund your money – no questions asked!

HVAC installation requires electrical, gas and refrigerant knowledge as well as familiarity with local bylaws and building codes. Failure to properly install HVAC equipment can create safety concerns and performance issues as well as void manufacturer warranties. For those reasons, Canada HVAC always recommends professional installation.

You are not required to book installation through Canada HVAC and can use a local installer if you prefer. Just remember that manufacturer warranties will be invalidated if the HVAC equipment is not professionally installed.

Direct Comfort offers a 10-year Parts Limited Warranty coverage on all functional parts and Limited Lifetime Compressor and Limited Lifetime Heat Exchanger Warranties. These warranties only cover the replacement parts only, not the labour required to install them.

To ensure you have complete coverage, enroll in a Canada HVAC extended labour warranty and rest easy knowing you won’t pay for repairs for up to 10 years!

Please note, professional HVAC installation is required to keep manufacturer warranties valid.

Preventative annual maintenance can help you avoid costly repairs in the future and makes your heating and cooling systems more efficient, safe and reliable. In addition, many manufacturer warranties require yearly inspections by certified HVAC professionals to maintain validity.

Learn more about Canada HVAC maintenance packages here.

The average lifespan of an air conditioner is 15-20 years and an average furnace will last between 10-15 years. Annual maintenance and inspections can extend the longevity and efficiency of your unit.

Yes. The manufacturer will honour the 10 year parts warranty if a furnace or air conditioner is purchased online and installed by an authorized installation company.

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HVAC in Calgary

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