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HVAC in Toronto

Canada HVAC is the one-stop shop for furnaces, air conditioners, and other HVAC products

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Buying an HVAC System in Toronto

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems play a crucial role in keeping you and your family warm during the winter and cool during the summer. They also improve air quality, which promotes proper breathing and comfort. Therefore, it’s essential to entrust your HVAC system purchase, installation, maintenance, and repair to a professional.

Canada HVAC is a one-stop shop for HVAC in Toronto. Whether you’re looking for air conditioners, heat pumps, or furnaces, our team will help you identify the proper heating and cooling equipment depending on the needs of your home.

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Why choose Canada HVAC?

Our goal is to help Canadians save money, shop with peace of mind, and make informed choices on new heating and cooling systems.
Over 1 Million Canadians per year come to CanadaHVAC.com for help & guidance on upgrading their heating & cooling system!

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Have any questions? Contact us and let HVAC experts help you with picking the right solution for you.

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Professional solutions for HVAC in Toronto

We understand the importance of time and cost, so we strive to exceed our customer’s expectations. Canada HVAC will not only provide the proper heating and cooling solutions for your home—we will also recommend a local installer. At Canada HVAC, we offer the following product solutions to homeowners and offices in Toronto:

Heat pumps

Contrary to their name, heat pumps offer both heating and cooling functions for your HVAC system. In heating mode, even though it is cold outside a heat pump absorbs heat energy through the coolant from outside and releases it indoors. The furnace or air handler then distributes that heat via the ductwork to all the rooms in the home. In cooling mode, heat pumps absorb heat inside the home and release it outdoors via the outdoor unit known as a condenser.

Unlike furnaces, heat pumps don’t burn fossil fuels, making them an environmentally friendly HVAC system.

Choose from our wide range of heat pumps, and select a regular or ductless heat pump to cater to your cooling and heating needs.


A cold environment exposes you to various health risks; furnaces help to keep you and your family warm during the winter. Canada HVAC provides a selection of gas furnaces from Direct Comfort by Goodman. We offer single-stage heating, two-stage heating, and modulating heating furnaces. Our single-stage furnaces only have one heat setting, our two-stage furnaces have two heat settings (high and low), and our modulating heating furnaces adjust the furnace in response to the temperature fluctuations outside

We are your one-stop shop for energy-efficient furnaces. At Canada HVAC, we will help you find the best heating solutions for your home and connect you with a local furnace installation expert.


A cold environment is very uncomfortable, especially in the winter. Boilers can help warm up your home or office. A boiler is a hot water system that heats the home through radiators or in-floor tubing. Buy your boiler and boiler accessories from Canada HVAC; we can recommend a local expert to install the system for you.


A fireplace can keep you warm and help you save on energy costs. Get Napoleon fireplaces—made in Ontario—from Canada HVAC today. We provide a variety of options, including gas, outdoor, wood, and electric.

Air conditioners

A hot environment is usually uncomfortable and makes it hard to be productive. Enjoy a cool and refreshing atmosphere in your home with our single-stage or two-stage cooling systems. We provide a selection of high-efficiency air conditioners for your home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! You’re able to pay off the balance at any time.

All our installers have had training and comprehensive testing to ensure high quality heating and cooling installation. In addition, all Canada HVAC installers have undergone extensive background checks and are fully insured.

What to Check Before Calling for Heating or Cooling Repair

Air Conditioner Furnace
Thermostat set to Cool, Fan set to Auto Thermostat set to Heat, Fan set to Auto
Air filter is clean Air filter is clean
Check the power: Circuit breaker Check the power: Circuit breaker and furnace wall switch
Ensure there is no ice buildup on the outdoor unit or frozen pipes Ensure pilot light it lit, fuel supply is on
Ensure panel door is closed and secured Ensure panel door is closed and secure

If you have checked the above settings or if there is a significant change in your heating or cooling system including: new smells or strange noises, schedule a service call right away.

Please contact Canada HVAC at  1-833-CAN-HVAC (226-4822)

Every installation is different and every project presents unique installation challenges, but we aim to have all installations completed in one day. Technicians will arrive at the prearranged agreed upon time and will keep you updated on the progress throughout the day.

We always recommend that homeowners are present during installation, but if that’s not possible, we require someone over the age of 18 to be home during installation.

All of our certified installers are trained professionals that have undergone extensive training and background checks.  However, if you are not satisfied with the installation, please contact Canada HVAC immediately.

We offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on all our installations. If you are not completely satisfied, we will remove the HVAC system and refund your money – no questions asked!

HVAC installation requires electrical, gas and refrigerant knowledge as well as familiarity with local bylaws and building codes. Failure to properly install HVAC equipment can create safety concerns and performance issues as well as void manufacturer warranties. For those reasons, Canada HVAC always recommends professional installation.

You are not required to book installation through Canada HVAC and can use a local installer if you prefer. Just remember that manufacturer warranties will be invalidated if the HVAC equipment is not professionally installed.

Direct Comfort offers a 10-year Parts Limited Warranty coverage on all functional parts and Limited Lifetime Compressor and Limited Lifetime Heat Exchanger Warranties. These warranties only cover the replacement parts only, not the labour required to install them.

To ensure you have complete coverage, enroll in a Canada HVAC extended labour warranty and rest easy knowing you won’t pay for repairs for up to 10 years!

Please note, professional HVAC installation is required to keep manufacturer warranties valid.

Preventative annual maintenance can help you avoid costly repairs in the future and makes your heating and cooling systems more efficient, safe and reliable. In addition, many manufacturer warranties require yearly inspections by certified HVAC professionals to maintain validity.

Learn more about Canada HVAC maintenance packages here.

The average lifespan of an air conditioner is 15-20 years and an average furnace will last between 10-15 years. Annual maintenance and inspections can extend the longevity and efficiency of your unit.

Yes. The manufacturer will honour the 10 year parts warranty if a furnace or air conditioner is purchased online and installed by an authorized installation company.

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