Air Conditioner and Furnace Warranty

These are the warranty certificates for all the models we carry at Canada HVAC:


Basic Model: Direct Comfort Warranty – GMES92

Gold, Silver and Bronze Model: Direct Comfort Warranty – GMVM97, GMVC96, GMEC96

Air Conditioner

Basic and Bronze Model: Direct Comfort Warranty – GSX13, GSX16

Gold, Silver and Bronze Model: Direct Comfort Warranty – DSXC18, DSXC16

What Units Does This Warranty Not Cover?

This warranty does not apply to:

  • Units that are ordered over the Internet, by telephone, or by other electronic means unless the unit is installed by a dealer adhering to all applicable federal, provincial/state, and local codes, policies, and licensing requirements.
  • Units that are installed outside the United States, its territories, or Canada.
  • Standard parts warranty is 5 years but will increase to 10 years when registered online at It is the responsibility of the homeowner to register their warranty online. In some cases, your installing contractor will offer to register the warranty on your behalf. This is between the homeowner and installing contractor to decide – CANADA HVAC  is not responsible in any way for warranty registration.
  • Warranty must be registered within 60 days of equipment installation.

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