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Goodman 19 SEER 18,000 BTU Ductless Air Conditioner


The 19 Series is available as a heat pump. Affordable and convenient, Goodman ductless systems offer quiet operation that will help enhance every day comfort.

Ambient Operating Temperature -15° C to 50° C


Energy-Efficient Rating Up To 19 SEER

Goodman branded units are built with the variable-speed Inverter technology to gradually regulate indoor temperatures that may help to provide efficient and even temperature control all year long. They are an energy efficient and flexible solution to help regain control of your indoor comfort and help address a variety of heating and cooling challenges. With duct work not required, the conditioned air is delivered to you directly.

*Installation cost may vary depending on location and/or difficulty of installation. Installation may not be available in all cities/towns across Canada


Cold Catalyst Filter – Absorbs harmful particles like formaldehyde and ammonia Turbo Mode – Helps to increase the heat pump’s capacity to achieve desired temperature quickly

Quiet Mode – Non-intrusive operation of the indoor unit by removing sounds and display

Follow Me – Improved accuracy may be obtained by making your heat pump’s remote act as the sensor. (Available on HP models only)

Aluminum heat exchanger with hydrophilic coating – The unit’s heat exchanger will not allow mold or bacteria to form by helping to remove water drops.

Anti-Cold – Preheat mode preheats indoor air for increased comfort

Refrigerant Leakage Detection – Indoor unit has the ability to notify homeowner if there is a leak in the system.

Louver Memory – Remembers your previous louver position, so you get the same louver angle consistently

Auto-Restart – Equipped with auto-restart after a power loss

1W Standby – This intelligent on-off technology enables the ductless units to automatically enter energy-saving mode when on standby, cut energy consumption from the normal 5W to 1W.