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Napoleon Ascent Deep Series – 42″ Traditional Deep Gas Fireplace – D42NTRE



The Ascent™ Deep 42 Gas Fireplace is a traditionally styled gas fireplace that features a hand made premium split oak log set. This clean-faced fireplace has an extra-deep 22-inch firebox to ensure that every inch of the gorgeous fire can be enjoyed. Fully customize this beautiful fireplace with a multitude of optional fronts, backs, trim kits, and even additional logs and rocks. The optional heat management system reduces clearance to combustibles on installation for greater interior design flexibility. Meaning that you can place your favorite electronics and artwork closer to the fireplace without fear of heat damage. The Ascent™ Deep 42 Gas Fireplace ensures your favorite space is more comfortable for years to come.



  • 26,000 BTU’s
  • 22″ framing depth
  • Will allow Rigid and Flex venting
  • Wide range of optional accessories
  • Tempered Glass
  • Optional Remote and Blower
  • Standard Safety Barrier
  • Optional Heat Management for reduced clearance to combustibles

*Installation cost may vary depending on location and/or difficulty of installation. Installation may not be available in all cities/towns across Canada


The Ascent™ Deep Series of premium Gas Fireplaces take a great thing and make it better by increasing the depth of an already popular fireplace unit. Enjoy the same ease of installation and multitudes of choice options and accessories with a deeper, more luxurious firebox. Elevate your space with a traditional styled gas fireplace featuring a split oak log set. Optional heat management greatly reduces clearance to combustible materials on installation which means that artwork and electronics can be placed closer to the fireplace for increased style flexibility.