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An HVAC system improves the air quality in your home, making it comfortable during cold and warm weather. Poor maintenance could ultimately lead to inefficient cooling and heating, and expensive repairs. It is crucial to maintain your HVAC system properly to keep enjoying its benefits. In this article, we discuss five tips to help you keep your HVAC system running smoothly all year round.

1. Schedule professional maintenance

While there’s a lot you can do on your own, service from an experienced and skilled HVAC professional will promote the smooth and efficient functioning of your HVAC system. Having your HVAC system regularly inspected by a trained technician is a good investment, as it might prevent future costly repairs; it’s advisable to schedule appointments with a technician at least twice yearly.

2. Replace the air filters

It’s advisable to check and replace the air filters once every few months to ensure that your system can efficiently draw in air. Where necessary, you might have to do it every month, especially when the units run longer during the winter and summer. This is important because you don’t want your system running with a filter clogged with debris or dust. The efficiency of your unit is reduced when the air filter is clogged, which leads to energy waste and ultimately incurs higher energy costs.

3. Check for unusual smells or noises

Call a professional to look at your HVAC system whenever you detect unusual noises or odours, as this could be an early sign that something is not right. Continuing to use your system in this condition might only lead to more damage. Odours can be indicators of the presence of mould in your ducts.

Hiring a professional will help determine if your ductwork has mould growing on its metal sheet. A trained technician can also detect if the system is infested with insects or rodents. The vermin might leave their droppings, which could be unhealthy for your home environment. The professional will detect and solve the issues, and your system will be up and running in no time.

4. Clean outdoor units

Ensure that the area surrounding your outdoor cooling or heating unit is clear of any debris, dust, leaves, or vegetation that might be affecting its efficiency. A cleared area 2 feet around the unit promotes efficient airflow.

5. Clean your registers

To promote smooth airflow, wipe out any dust and debris in the system. It’s important to ensure that you turn off the system before you start wiping out the dust and debris. If there is a lot of dust, open the grills to clean the duct’s visible interior.

While you can do this on your own at home, an improper cleaning job can lead to damage that might require costly repairs. Therefore, calling a trained technician to have your vents professionally cleaned might be a good idea. Ensure that your registers are not blocked by household objects such as your carpet or furniture; this will help with smooth airflow.

These maintenance tips alone are not enough to ensure a smooth-running system. It is also important that you ensure that the system is of good quality and that it is properly installed.

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