When you purchase a cooling system from Canada HVAC—you’re getting complete unit—an outdoor condenser and indoor AC coil. We believe that it’s important to always install a matched cooling system which is why the AC coil is always included when you purchase an air conditioner from Canada HVAC.

What is an AC Coil?

Central air conditioning systems are made up of two units. An outdoor unit—usually referred to as a condenser—and an indoor unit—called an AC or evaporator coil. While they are distinct parts, they work together to provide total home comfort.

Importance of a Matched System

If an air conditioner fails, some homeowners will only replace the faulty half of the system—the condenser or AC coil—rather than the whole unit. While this can sometimes be seen as a more affordable option, efficiency and comfort can be significantly compromised with an un-matched system.

We believe it’s important to always have a matched system, so at Canada HVAC we only sell a complete AC package—condenser and AC coil.

Buying a New Air Conditioner Online

It’s simple and easy to purchase your new AC system online through Canada HVAC. We have developed a sizing calculator that can determine what ton system you need to keep your home cool and comfortable. Plus, we always offer at least two options so that you can find a cooling system that fits your needs and budget.

If you’re looking for a new air conditioning system, compare our rates with that of a local installation company—we’re confident that you’ll find our rates extremely competitive.

We’re also the only company that sells air conditioners and furnaces online that doesn’t require you to purchase installation. We can provide a recommendation for an installation company in your area, but you’re not required to use them.

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