With the seemingly endless winter season slowly coming to a close, it’s time to get ready for warmer weather. Many people will be spending this weekend spring cleaning and we want to remind homeowners that AC maintenance is an important spring task!

Clear Debris Around Condenser
Make sure to clear any debris from around the air conditioner unit that might have accumulated during the winter. In order to have proper circulation and fresh airflow, there needs to be clearance around the unit. In addition, debris around the system can negatively affect indoor comfort.

Check and Change Furnace Filters
Furnace filters should be checked monthly and changed regularly. How often you’ll have to replace filters depends on your living circumstances. For example, having pets or smoking in the home will require more frequent replacements. Proper filter maintenance will help ensure your home is free of contaminants.

Schedule AC Tune-Up
It’s also important to schedule a yearly AC tune-up with a professional cooling technician. To enjoy our warmer months stress-free, it’s best to schedule your appointment early in the season. Yearly maintenance on your system may also be required to keep warranties valid!

It’s important to incorporate AC maintenance into your spring cleaning routine. Clearing debris from the condenser, changing filters and scheduling a tune-up will help ensure comfort and indoor air quality throughout the spring and summer seasons.

Remember, Canada HVAC has maintenance plans available to help cover all your heating and cooling needs. We have a number of options to choose from—so there’s an option that’ll fit your needs and budget.

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