A cracked heat exchanger is dangerous and often results in a warning tag being issued. At that point, a homeowner has two choices—replace the cracked heat exchanger or replace the whole furnace. If you’re faced with this decision, often the best choice is to replace the whole heating system. With Canada HVAC, you can save when you buy your furnace online.

Replace the Whole Furnace
Many homeowners are surprised when a technician recommends replacing the whole furnace after discovering a cracked heat exchanger. However, this is one of the most expensive parts to replace in your heating system. If the heat exchanger is no longer under warranty, it may make more sense to schedule a complete furnace replacement.

Buy Your Furnace Online and Save
Replacing your furnace can be a huge financial investment and is often an expense that homeowners haven’t budgeted for. One way to keep costs down when you get the unexpected news of a cracked heat exchanger is to buy your furnace online.

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