If you need to replace the cooling system in your home, it’s important to do research before buying. When many homeowners start the process, they don’t realize how hard it can be to get a concrete air conditioner cost. That’s because many HVAC companies won’t provide a quote without scheduling an appointment to come to your home.

With Canada HVAC, we take the hassle out of upgrading your cooling system and give you an instant air conditioner cost. Additionally, we always offer different models that you can find the system that works for your home—and price point!

We use an online sizing calculator that uses information about your home to determine the correct size AC you need to keep everyone in your home cool and comfortable throughout the summer. We’re so confident in our algorithm that we offer both a Right Size and Low Price Guarantee.

If the new air conditioner you bought using our sizing calculator is not the correct size, we’ll remove it and install the right one, free of charge. In addition, if you find a lower advertised price in Canada for the same air conditioner we sell, we’ll match it! Learn more about our guarantees here.

If you want instant pricing for a new air conditioner, Canada HVAC can provide an air conditioner cost online—without having to schedule an intrusive home visit. Shop online for a new cooling system from the comfort of your home and see how much you can save!

Try our online sizing calculator today and get an instant price for your new air conditioner!

Canada HVAC is a licensed, bonded and insured company with over 30 years of industry experience among all our partners. We work with local HVAC contractors who have been vetted and certified and together we provide air conditioning and furnace installation and repair at unbeatable prices with unmatched guarantees.

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