Buying a heating and cooling system for your home is a significant financial investment. In addition, furnaces and air conditioners are extremely important in keeping your family comfortable and safe—so it’s imperative that these systems are kept in good working order. That’s where manufacturer warranties come into play—covering the cost of replacement parts in the event of a breakdown. These warranties are extremely important and many Canadians are unsure how manufacturer warranties are affected by online furnace purchases.

To keep manufacturer warranties valid, there are often stipulations that homeowners have to follow. The first is that furnaces and air conditioners have to be professionally installed. This is required because HVAC equipment is extremely complicated and an incorrect installation can cause a number of problems with comfort, functionality and longevity.

In addition, many manufacturers require yearly professional maintenance. This is important because small adjustments and regular cleaning can increase efficiency and help extend the longevity of the unit. As long as all requirements are met, manufacturer warranties are kept valid.

With online furnace purchases, warranties are invalidated not because the system was bought online, but because it wasn’t professionally installed.

At Canada HVAC, we sell Direct Comfort by Goodman and they stand by their manufacturer warranty to online purchases as long as the unit is installed by a dealer adhering to all applicable federal, provincial and local codes, policies, and licensing requirements.

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To keep the manufacturer warranty intact, all manufacturer requirements have to be adhered to. Buying a furnace online will not usually invalidate a warranty—you just have to ensure that it’s professionally installed and your following required maintenance on the unit.

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