In Canada, it’s extremely hard to only buy an air conditioner or furnace. Almost all heating and cooling companies sell systems that are bundled with their own installation—increasing the overall cost. At Canada HVAC, we let homeowners decide who they want to install their heating or cooling system—so we sell AC and furnaces online without any installation requirement.

Canada HVAC is an industry leader when it comes to online AC and furnace sales. We’re the only place where homeowners can buy their heating and cooling systems online—without any installation requirement. You can buy your system and decide which local HVAC company you’d like to work with—this can significantly lower the total cost of replacing an air conditioner or furnace.

In addition to selling furnaces and air conditioners online, Canada HVAC also sells filters, thermostats and humidifiers—all with the option to buy without any installation requirements. You now have the ability to buy everything you need to upgrade your home’s HVAC system in one easy and convenient place.

Worried about the manufacturer warranty with buying a furnace or air conditioner online?
Learn how to keep manufacturer warranties valid with online purchases.

Buying an AC or furnace online is an affordable way to upgrade a home comfort system. Since we don’t have to maintain a storefront or commissions, we’re able to offer deep discounts on high-quality systems. We also offer our customers the flexibility to only purchase the products and services they need.

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Canada HVAC is a new concept in the heating and cooling industry. We sell air conditioners and furnaces online—directly to consumers. We’re a licensed, bonded and insured company with over 30 years of industry experience between our partners.

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