Furnaces are a financial investment. You should take the time to research brands before you buy to ensure that you’re getting the right furnace for your home and needs. As you start your research, be sure to keep the following tips in mind when on the hunt for your new furnace.

AFUE Rating
Every furnace comes with an Annual Fuel Use Efficiency (AFUE) rating. This measures a furnace’s efficiency in converting fuel to energy—a higher AUFE equals higher efficiency. Make sure that the new furnace you’re considering has the efficiency rating that matches your needs. A less expensive heating system might turn out to be more expensive long term if it costs significantly more to run in the winter.

Furnace Sizing
It’s extremely important to install the correct size furnace for your home. An oversized heating system is just as problematic as an undersized one. With our online sizing survey, we’re able to determine the perfect furnace for your home and it’s backed by our Right-Size Guarantee. If for some reason your newly installed furnace is incorrectly sized, we’ll remove it and install the correct one, free of charge.

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