The SEER rating of an air conditioner can tell you about its efficiency (and help you compare models) but it has nothing to do with actually making an air conditioner efficient. While there are many changes that have contributed to the increase in efficiency—the use of a two-stage motor has probably been one of the biggest factors.

Single-Stage vs Two-Stage Air Conditioners
In less-efficient units, the air conditioner is either on (at full force) or off. In this setup, an AC system has to turn on and off frequently to respond to the cooling requirements of the home. It can take a surprisingly amount of energy to power up a system, so constantly powering on and off the unit expends a lot of energy.

A two-stage air conditioner has the ability to reduce its speed without turning off. On a hot day when the AC is first turned on, it could run at full force and then switch to a lower speed to maintain the temperature. This helps increase efficiency because an air conditioner that is maintaining a steady speed throughout the day uses less energy than one that is constantly turning on and off.

For most homes, a two-stage air conditioner is the best option in terms of efficiency and comfort—but there could be times when a single-stage AC will work. That’s why Canada HVAC is happy to carry both types of cooling systems so that you can choose the air conditioner that fits your needs and budget.

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