When it comes to replacing your heating and cooling system, there are two different approaches. One is to replace each unit as they break down while others prefer to replace the whole system together. So, when should you schedule AC and furnace replacement together and when should you replace equipment as it breaks down?

When pondering whether to replace the whole system or only half, you have to determine if the system will be matched or unmatched. A matched HVAC system is one that is designed to work together to achieve maximum efficiency and home comfort. For example, replacing an old central air conditioner with a new model and leaving an old, inefficient furnace will not significantly increase your cooling system’s efficiency or comfort.

When you schedule AC and furnace replacement together, there are additional benefits beyond efficiency and home comfort.

  • Often the installation cost for AC and furnace replacement together is lower than installing both systems separately.
  • If you’re only replacing half of your system, some manufacturer warranties could be invalidated. Ensure you check warranty requirements before you replace only half of your system.

If your heating and cooling system is over a decade old, you’ll most likely want to replace your whole system together. You’ll notice a drop in monthly energy bills and increased home comfort. Plus, you’ll most likely be able to take advantage of government incentives, saving you money on your AC and furnace replacement.

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