Proper humidity level inside your home is a key factor in ensuring total home comfort. As the temperature drops during winter, the humidity level drops too. Dry winter air can increase static electricity, aggravate skin conditions and make the home feel colder than it actually is. If you’re looking at furnace replacement, it’s also a good time to consider adding a whole home humidifier.

Many people find that a humidifier can help them breathe easier and help hydrate their skin. While some people opt for room humidifiers, these units can be loud, inefficient and the benefits are restricted to the room that it’s in.

Benefits of Whole Home Humidifier
With correct moisture levels in your home, you’ll notice that static electricity shocks will decrease and more humidity in the air can help keep skin hydrated. In addition, you’ll feel warmer with more moisture in the air. When the air is dry, many people find it hard to shake the cold, no matter how high they set the thermostat. When you increase the moisture in the home, suddenly you feel comfortable at lower temperatures.

With a whole home humidifier, the system is installed to work with your furnace so that every room of your home benefits from proper humidity levels. In addition, since the equipment is installed in the mechanical room of your home, you’ll never be bothered by any additional noise.

Canada HVAC is proud to offer whole home humidifiers in addition to a furnace replacement.

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