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It is not uncommon for pets to become a part of the family. From cats and dogs to birds and reptiles, we’re lucky to be able to share our living spaces with such loveable creatures. Acclimating pets and owners to their new living situation is an important part of integrating them into a household.

Many areas of life can change to accommodate having a pet. However, most people don’t include indoor air quality on the list of considerations when they first think about getting one.

Sometimes, there is a noticeable difference in a home’s air quality when a pet is added to the household. However, there are several solutions available that do not involve giving up on pet ownership. Here is how pet owners can improve indoor air quality.

1. Groom Your Pets Regularly

Grooming your pets is crucial in more ways than one. It is essential for your pet’s health and happiness and is also one of the top ways to improve indoor air quality.

More than just visible fur affects indoor air quality; pet dander is another big factor. Even if you can’t see it, it can be a problem – some pieces of pet dander are microscopically small.

If you notice that your allergies have worsened and a trip to a dog groomer hasn’t helped, it may be time to ask a vet for advice. They can recommend shampoos and treatments that may be able to help.

2. Take Care of the HVAC System

Often, animals display signs of stress through their skin. More shedding than usual and noticeable dandruff are both signs of discomfort. Two lesser-known solutions are:

1) Ensuring your home has a reliable HVAC system, and

2) Doing proper HVAC maintenance

When a home has pets, proper HVAC maintenance includes routinely cleaning and changing the air filter. Even if the HVAC system is in a place your pet doesn’t have access to, don’t underestimate the power of their fur and dander. It will get into the filter – thus, the need for regular care and maintenance. If you need advice or aid with your HVAC or want to purchase a new one, call Canada HVAC to speak with a knowledgeable professional.

3. Vacuum and Clean Consistently

Humans and animals alike shed skin as part of remaining healthy. Even when you take all the necessary steps with treatment and pet care, all pets will still shed a certain amount of skin. Stick to a regular home cleaning routine to reduce the amount of hair and fur on surfaces and in the air.

It’s best to sweep and vacuum twice weekly to take care of fur and dander effectively. However, every home is different. For example, households with two or more pets will likely need to vacuum more frequently than those with one.

HVAC Parts and Installation in Canada

If you follow the three steps above, but it seems like your HVAC system is the cause of your air quality issues, don’t delay speaking to a professional. At Canada HVAC, we understand how important it is to keep your pets happy, healthy, and comfortable.

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