HVAC Repair

An HVAC unit helps regulate the temperature in your home. Should your unit fail, it can significantly affect the level of comfort in your home. While some issues can be simple to fix, others require attention from a professional. Here are seven HVAC problems that need an expert fixꓽ


Fluid leaks

If there is fluid leaking from your HVAC unit, turn it off and contact a professional for emergency repair. While condensation on the unit is normal, excess fluid around your HVAC unit could indicate a more serious issue. Excess fluid pooling around your unit could mean that it is leaking refrigerant, which means the coil is freezing up and then thawing into water and puddling on the floor. If your unit is leaking refrigerant, only a professional can safely assess the issue and fix it. 

Excess fluid could also mean that the drain pipes are clogged or cracked. Problems with the evaporator pan, collector box, and heat exchanger can produce excess fluid as well and should be addressed by a professional.  

Strange noises

While some sound is to be expected from your unit, a loud bang, screeching, or whining is a sign that there is a mechanical issue with your HVAC unit. These sounds could mean the motor is failing or has a loose bearing. You should never ignore strange noises. They are warning signs of a possibly dangerous failure within the unit.  

Motor stops working

If your motor suddenly stops working, there could be poor air circulation, dust build-up, or an electrical issue. If this happens, it can be dangerous to attempt a repair on your own, especially if there is a problem with the breakers. Contact a professional who can perform the necessary checks to find the source of the problem and either service it or replace the motor.

Unpleasant odour

Your HVAC unit should not produce noticeable smells. If your unit creates a burning smell, that means there is something seriously wrong with the electrical wiring. Worn electrical wiring can become a fire hazard. Other odours are just as alarming. If you detect the smell of rotten eggs or cabbage while using your HVAC unit, you need to contact a professional immediately. The smell of rotten eggs or cabbage means there is a gas leak which is quite dangerous.  

Ignition trouble

Are you having trouble turning on your HVAC unit? Then you may have ignition problems. An issue with the ignition could be a result of faulty flame sensors, a dirty pilot, delayed ignition of burners, or wear and tear. This issue is best handled by a professional as it can be dangerous to deal with ignition components.

Dirty coils or condenser

The condenser helps move heat through the components of the HVAC unit. Dirt and debris can clog your HVAC system and trap heat, causing the unit to become inefficient in heating or cooling your home. Regular maintenance of your HVAC unit improves its efficiency and prevents your unit from wearing out sooner. There are some things you can do to help keep your unit clean. However, if your unit is very dirty, you will need to contact a professional who can carefully clean the hard-to-reach areas. They can also check for any issues with the coils that may be affecting your unit.

Thermostat issues

An issue with your thermostat does not always mean there is an issue with your HVAC unit. The components in the thermostat may become damaged or misaligned, causing problems with cooling or heating. If this happens, you need to contact a professional to diagnose and fix the issue. While some thermostat issues may seem like a simple fix, improper repair may result in more expenses in the long run. 

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