Replace Your AC UnitIn any region that experiences hot weather in the summer months, having a functioning air conditioning unit is essential to ensure your family stays comfortable and healthy at home. When your air conditioning (AC) unit isn’t working as it should, you should consider replacing it.

However, considering the expense of buying an entirely new AC, most homeowners only want to replace their air conditioning when it’s absolutely necessary. But how do you know if your AC needs to be replaced? There are five key signs that we will explain in this article.

Keep reading to learn what they are and find out whether a new air conditioning unit is in your future.


How to Know When You Need New Air Conditioning

If your AC unit is getting old and it seems like it might not be not working properly, you might need to replace it. If you aren’t sure if replacing it is really necessary, familiarize yourself with the following signs that it’s time to get a new unit.

You’ve Had Your Unit for 10 Years or More

While well-maintained AC units can last longer, most only last for around 10 years. So, if you’ve had your unit for a long time and you notice any of the issues we mention below, it’s likely time for a replacement. If your unit is over 10 years old but still works great, you can keep using it as usual. Just be mindful of its age and that you may need a new AC unit in the near future.

Your Energy Bills Are Too High

When an AC unit gets older and isn’t working as well as it should, it becomes less energy efficient. That means it has to work harder to keep your house cool, which leads to higher energy bills. If you notice that your energy bills are suddenly increasing with no other cause, your AC unit may be to blame.

Your Home Isn’t Cooled Effectively

If your air conditioning isn’t doing its job and your home gets uncomfortably warm during the spring and summer months, there is likely a problem with your system. While AC units can sometimes be repaired, if your air conditioning is over 10 years old or you’ve fixed it before, you may be better off replacing it.

Your AC Is Making Unusual Noises

Air conditioning units are designed to be quiet, and any noise they do make shouldn’t be noticeable. If your AC unit suddenly starts making loud, strange noises, it is a sign that something is wrong. Sounds to listen for include:

  • Clicking
  • Banging
  • Buzzing
  • Clanging

The Unit Is Leaking

If your air conditioning unit leaks water, it can be a sign of a much bigger problem. Get your AC looked at right away to prevent mould and mildew growth.

Although underlying issues can sometimes be fixed through repairs, if the repairs cost close to the price of a new unit, you should consider replacing it altogether.

Canada’s Air Conditioning Experts

If your AC unit is experiencing any of the issues we’ve discussed, you may need a new unit to ensure your home remains cool, comfortable and energy efficient in the summer months. At Canada HVAC, our AC experts have over 30 years of combined industry experience and can help you find the best air conditioning unit to meet your needs. We can also connect you with a licenced and reliable installation specialist in your area.

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